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We hope that we can bring as many people into the conversation as possible. In the past, this has sometimes created quite a bit of confusion and chaos.  Of course, as webheads, we have a special place in our hearts for a bit of chaos, but in hopes of minimizing frustration, we're going to try the following approach this year.  Just a reminder, if you just want to listen to the webcast and don't actually want to join the conversation, there's no need to use Skype at all.

I will be using the skype ID 'worldbridges' to host the skype call. PLEASE DO NOT SKYPE ME.
If you would like to join the conversation, please post a comment below with your

  • name
  • skype ID
  • EVO Session Participation

When we are ready to bring you into the conversation, I will text you with the following message
"Are you ready to join in?  Please turn off your Ustream or audio steam."
If you join the skype call while still listening to the Ustream or audio stream you will get two sources of audio and it will sound very confusing.  Before you join the call, either stop the UStream
When you have done so, respond with 'ready' in the skype text.

I will then skype you.  Once you answer, you'll be 'on the air' with everyone else in the conversation.  Often, when you join in, someone else will be in mid-sentence, so instead of saying 'hello' right away, please wait for me to welcome you.

If you have questions about any of the above, please ask them in one of the chat rooms
Main Chat, Tapped In Chat, Lite Chat

Good luck and I look forward to speaking with many of you soon,


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elderbob said

at 2:06 am on Jan 10, 2011

Hi everyone.

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